80W configurable power supply platform announced by UNIPOWER

UNIPOWER LLC announces an 80W power supply platform with up to four outputs that can be quickly configured to order while maintaining all international safety approvals. Part of UNIPOWER’s EASYMOD family of power platforms, the AE-080U is designed to offer users a power supply that exactly meets the needs of their application. Starting with an industry standard footprint, units can be quickly configured to provide the right output combinations and user defined features not available with standard power supplies.

With a universal 90 – 264VAC input that meets EN61000-3-2, EASYMOD AE-080U power supplies are available in a comprehensive range of single to quad output configurations from 1.5 to 48VDC and deliver up to 80W of highly regulated output power.

The AE-080U meets UL 60950-1, features Class B emissions, is CE marked and will operate up to 70ºC delivering continuous full power up to 50ºC. Housed in a U-frame package measuring 3 x 5in (76 x 127mm), EASYMOD units boast an MTBF greater than 250k hours at 25 ºC according to MIL-217F.

As well as providing customers with a choice of output voltages and output combinations, UNIPOWER can supply EASYMOD power supplies with a wide variety of options which are available without any impact on safety approvals. These include covers with or without fans, extended operating temperature range, -40ºC guaranteed start-up, DC inputs and isolated outputs.

All EASYMOD units now come with a FIVE year warranty.

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