On Behalf of RFX Ltd TFC announce the release of a sub-miniature low profile precision OCXO

RFX, a British manufacturer of Precision Quartz Oscillators, announce the release of their miniature precision Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator type OS265 – 8.5.

The module, packaged in a shielded metal DIL case, only 8.5mm tall, provides exceptional performance combining high accuracy and low ageing with excellent phase noise and is the smallest precision OCXO in the world with this combination of high quality attributes.

The incorporation of an SC cut resonator, custom designed for RFX and manufactured by their Canadian subsidiary, produces minimum long term ageing, fast warm up, accuracy from ±0.005ppm with phase noise better than -140dBc/Hz at +100Hz offset making this new OCXO a world leader in its class.

The OS265 – 8.5 module sets a new standard in miniature precision OCXO’s exceeding specifications for traditionally large units and expanding the useful applications for this product group. It has been developed for use in Base Stations, Wireless Networks, System Synchronization systems, Instrumentation, Critical timing and Calibration applications and with low weight and minimum power consumption make it ideal for portable applications.

Specific features include:
Package: DIL, screened, metal case (20.5 x 12.9 x8.5.)mm
Output: CMOS 15pF
Supply voltage: 3.3Vd.c. to +12Vd.c.
Quiescent current: 110mA typical for +5Vd.c. supply
Accuracy: from ±0.005ppm
Trim range: ±0.5ppm min.
Phase noise: -140dBc/Hz at +100Hz typical
Ageing: ±0.05ppm per year max.

RFX manufacture a complete range of precision oscillators from 1MHz to 2.4GHz including  TCXO, VCXO, PLL and GPS modules.

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