MD series enhanced range of variable molded inductors

Available from TFC, the MD series enhanced range of variable molded inductors, used in FM radio, satellite receiver, car navigation system, CATV and cable TV applications, with a choice of core materials; carbonyl, aluminium, brass and ferrites, offering high temperature stability. These variable molded inductors can be supplied shielded or unshielded.
These variable molded inductors offer a very wide inductance range and multiple choice of model size and frequency of operation.

  • Inductance ranges from 0.01uH ~ 1.5uH
  • Frequency raging from 10MHz~ 500MHz
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +85°C
  • Width 4.5mm to 12.7mm
  • Height 5mm to 18.8mm

When using ferrite or carbonyl cores, the minimum inductance is measured with the core in a mid position within the bobbin. When using aluminium or brass cores, the inductance max. is measured with core half way out of the bobbin.