Mitsubishi Electric launches 600V HVIC for Automotive Applications

Mitsubishi Electric is introducing a new 600V High Voltage Integrated Circuit (HVIC), the M81729JFP, for use in voltage converters of Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs). EVs and HEVs use voltage converters incorporated with power devices to convert high-voltage current, which is used otherwise to power motors, into low-voltage current to power various equipment in the vehicle.

The new M81729JFP features high reliability and a small compact size. It has an operating temperature ranging from -40 to +125°C suited for automotive applications.

The HVIC shuts down power output if power supply voltage falls in order to prevent power devices from being destroyed. It eliminates designated circuits that need photo couplers or comparators, enabling smaller voltage converters.

The high performance of the new device is supporting the effective control of voltage converters. Mitsubishi Electric’s 600V Multiple Floating Field Plate (MFFP) structure reduces the effect of high-potential wiring created by the level shift feature, lowering maximum current leakage to 1?A. Furthermore, the control of power devices is simplified by matching delay time between the high- and low-voltage sides.

The M81729JFP, which uses silver paste resin for chip mounting and lead-free solder for coating external terminals, is fully RoHS compliant.

With the new M81729JFP the Mitsubishi Electric 600V HVIC technology enters the application area of EV and HEV, where usually designated circuits with optocouplers for signal isolation and comparators are used.#