Sunny times for the LF-G relay

The LF-G relay is Panasonic’s most successful switching device for solar inverters.

In order to comply with the new IEC 62109 standard, the contact gap has been increased from 1.5mm to 1.8mm.

The LF-G relay’s success in the solar market results from high switching performance (up to 31A/250VAC), compact size, low coil holding power, and attractive pricing. The new standard for solar inverters IEC 62109 prescribes wider contact gaps depending on the input voltage on the DC side, which is 1000VDC in most installations. For this input voltage, IEC 62109 defines a contact gap of at least 1.8mm on the AC side, compared to 1.5mm in the past (VDE 0126).

Hence, the contact gap for both the LFG1 (22A/250VAC) and LFG2 (31A/250VAC) relays has been increased to 1.8mm. The new types will have the same certifications as standard LF-G relays, and pinning and coil power remain the same, allowing customers to easily exchange relays if necessary.

By immediately redesigning the contact gap of the LF-G relay to comply with the requirements of IEC 62109, Panasonic has once again demonstrated its commitment to eco ideas, combining innovation with ecology.