Ultra-Efficient, high-speed, low-voltage MOSFETs with new 60V and 120V devices

Powerful UMOS VIII low RDS(ON), low Ciss MOSFETs deliver high efficiency in synchronous rectification and motor driver designs

Toshiba Electronics Europe (TEE) has expanded its family of low-voltage, high-speed MOSFETs with new, ultra-efficient 60V and 120V devices that will save space and reduce losses in secondary synchronous rectification designs.

Targeted at switch mode power supplies in applications such as AC/DC adapters, industrial systems, telecoms equipment and servers, the sixteen new trench MOSFET devices are based on Toshiba’s eighth generation, U-MOSVIII-H process. This process delivers significant improvements in trade-off characteristics between low on resistance (RDS(ON)) and low input capacitance (Ciss), as well as improving switching speeds and minimising radiated noise.

Available in either TO-220 or TO-220SIS ‘smart isolation’ package formats, the new range comprises eight 60V MOSFETs and eight 120V MOSFETs. By offering lower RDS(ON) * Ciss ‘figures of merit’ compared to previous generations of devices, the new MOSFETs operate with lower conduction and drive losses to deliver significant efficiency increases. The new process also helps to raise switching speeds and minimise radiated noise.

Among the new MOSFETs are the TK100E06N1 (TO-220) and TK100A06N1 (TO-220SIS) 60V devices with typical on resistance ratings (@ VGS = 10V) as low as just 1.9m? and 2.2m? respectively. The 120V series includes TK56E12N1 (TO-220) and TK56A12N1 (TO-220SIS) devices with respective typical on resistances of 6.1m? and 6.5m? (@ VGS = 10V).

Samples of all of the new parts are available now.