NEW MiniSKiiP 3 pack modules with Mitsubishi IGBTs

Vincotech extends its range of MiniSKiiP 3 PACK modules with Mitsubishi Gen. 6 IGBT technology

Vincotech, a supplier of module-based solutions for power electronics, has announced that it will add the latest Mitsubishi IGBT technology to its line of MiniSKiiP 3 PACK modules. The new modules are equipped with Mitsubishi Generation 6 chips ranging from 75 A, 1200 V to 150 A, 1200 V.

Featuring the latest Mitsubishi Generation 6 IGBT chip technology, the new MiniSKiiP® 3 PACK modules are available for motor drive applications rated up to 45 kW:

  • MiniSKiiP  size 3 (82 by 59 mm²) for 75 A, 1200 V to  150 A, 1200 V

All modules come with a three-phase output inverter and an added thermistor to measure temperatures (PACK topology). Pins match the previous version’s array to enable easy upgrading. The modules will also be offered with pre-applied thermal grease. Samples are in the works for June 2012, with serial production slated for Q4 2012.

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