Vinotech releases new modules for single-phase solar inverters

New flowSOL 1 family targets single-phase, transformer-based solar inverter applications

Vincotech, a supplier of module-based solutions for power electronics, has added a new family of power modules for transformer-based, single-phase solar inverter applications and switch-mode power supplies. The recent release of the flowSOL 1 family for transformer-based applications is the latest in a line of high-performance, ultra-efficient power modules.  These modules have been engineered for use in a new universal power module design (with modules) with an IGBT or MOSFET in all inverters.

Vincotech has extended its offering of power modules to meet the latest demands of single-phase, solar inverter applications and switch-mode power supplies. As a part of the flowSOL 1 family, the flowSOL 1 BI + RI (T) modules for transformer-based solar applications come in the 12 mm flow 1 housing.

Engineered especially for transformer-based V solar applications, the new flowSOL 1 BI + RI (T) modules satisfy highest demands for efficiency (up to 98%).

The modules are packaged in Vincotech’s standard flow 1 housing measuring 66 mm by 33 mm and 12 mm in height. They are in serial production and samples are available now. To learn more about Vincotech’s power module products, please visit