Chomerics Europe starts production at its advanced shielded cast window manufacturing cell

Chomerics Europe – a division of Parker Hannifin, has set-up and begun production at a new manufacturing cell at its facility in Grantham, UK. The specialist cell provides a unique and advanced resource to support the manufacture of shielded cast windows.  These are required to provide crucial EMI protection and help ensure compliance with EMC regulations in a wide range of equipment in sectors including military / aerospace, instrumentation & control and life sciences.

Chomerics’ cast windows manufactured in the new cell utilise advanced proprietary techniques and processes so that they provide an application specific combination of shielding effectiveness, optical transmission and mechanical and environmental performance. Chomerics’ Grantham facility for optical windows has been established for over 10 years. Over that time the company has developed significant expertise in both the design and manufacture of these specialised products.

Commenting on the commissioning of the new cast window production cell, Billy Sheedy, General Manager, Parker Chomerics Division Europe, said: “With an increasing demand for equipment to be designed for portability and use in uncontrolled environments, along with more stringent regulations in terms of EMC compliance, we are seeing greater demand for the shielded optical products designed and manufactured at our facility in Grantham. The establishment of an advanced, dedicated cell for cast windows will enable us to further advance the quality of our products for this important market.”