Syfer Technology celebrate 25 years of success

Syfer Technology are celebrating 25 years of successful electronic component development at their Norwich headquarters and are set to continue their innovation serving new markets.

Syfer Technology, which employs 240 people, is Europe’s leading manufacturer of ceramic multilayer capacitors, which are widely used in telecommunications, automotive manufacture and other industrial applications.

Over the last 25 years Syfer have shown their skill and flexibility in being able to adapt their operations to meet new trends and emerging markets.

“We have successfully identified new customers in different areas like medical instrumentation, military applications, the aerospace industry and space exploration,” says Howard Ingleson, Syfer Technology’s Managing Director.

“Many of the products that are made with our electronics components are used in safety-critical environments, and so precision and quality are paramount,” he says.

The company has pioneered several cutting-edge production techniques and component designs to meet global market requirements.