Bergquist introduces high slump resistance form-in-place thermal gap filler

The Bergquist Company has released details of its latest dispensable thermal material, Gap Filler 1000SR, which has high slump resistance to maintain shape and height after dispensing.

The new formula is a soft elastomer for filling intricate air voids inside enclosures or within fragile assemblies, or between any heat-generating semiconductor and a heatsink. It is ideal for use in automotive ECUs, telecom equipment, computers and peripherals, and general consumer, medical and industrial electronic assemblies.

Gap Filler 1000SR has optimal characteristics for dispensing, and flows easily under minimal pressure. This ultra-conforming behaviour, combined with high softness after curing, prevents stress on components during assembly and in normal operation. A low level of natural tack allows use in applications where a strong structural bond is not required.

When cured, Gap Filler 1000SR has thermal conductivity of 1W/mK which maximises heat transfer thereby promoting cooling and enhancing system reliability. It has demonstrated consistent thermal performance and voltage breakdown throughout tests including 85ºC/85% relative humidity, high-temperature continuous bake and thermal cycling.

The material is available in cartridges from 50cc to 400cc, or in kits of 1200cc or 10 gallons, and is suitable for manual or automated dispensing. Pot life is rated at 60 minutes, and the cure time is 20 minutes at room temperature or 10 minutes at 100°C.