Lighting Science Group lights up Washington D.C with ultra-efficient LED street lights

Company Joins Mayor Vincent Gray for the Installation of the 1,360 Street Lights Marking the End of First Phase of Project

Lighting Science Group, one of the world’s leading LED lighting companies, has joined Washington, D.C. Mayor Vincent C. Gray and officials from the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) and the Department of the Environment (DDOE) to celebrate the completion of the first phase of the relighting project that will save the city tens of thousands of dollars each year in energy costs. Part of the Mayor’s larger vision for a Sustainable D.C., Lighting Science Group’s energy-efficient, long-lasting street lights have replaced old, inefficient lights and will cut the District’s annual carbon dioxide emissions by 719 tons.

“Already results show these new light fixtures are saving energy—57 to 60 percent—compared to the old mercury vapor and high pressure sodium lights,” said Mayor Gray. “Imagine how much energy we could save if we expand this program to all 70,000 street and alley lights across the District. That would be a great down payment on a truly Sustainable D.C.”

Prior to the start of this project, in conjunction with Howard University Transportation Research Center, DDOT conducted a study and analysis of light emitting diode (LED) lighting products from a variety of vendors and manufacturers. The study involved the evaluation and analyses of photometric readings, fixture life, efficacy, aesthetics, color temperature, dimmability and compatibility with remote monitoring and control systems. At the conclusion of the Study, DDOT selected Lighting Science Group’s PROLIFIC (LSG) LSR-2 LED street light as the preferred choice to replace the District’s existing alley lights.

“When it comes to city planning, smart infrastructure saves lives and dollars,” said Jim Haworth, chairman and chief executive officer of Lighting Science Group. “The Mayor’s office, DDOT and DDOE are clearly united in their commitment to promoting both the safety and financial interests of District residents with their joint vision for a Sustainable D.C. Lighting Science Group is proud to play its part in bringing that vision to life. Our PROLIFIC Series roadway solutions offer notably longer-life expectancies than the District’s existing lights and realreductions in maintenance and energy costs. With less glare and better illumination, uniformity, and color, the new LED street lights signal a true improvement for the District.”

The District Department of Energy (DDOE) supported and funded the LED lighting project, under the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Efficient and Conservation Block Grant program. Eventually DDOT plans to install energy-efficient light fixtures throughout D.C., including all of its alleys, streets, bridges, tunnels and underpasses, pedestrian walkways, bike and running trails.

Added Haworth: “The Washington, D.C. project is another significant win for Lighting Science Group in the infrastructure market, exemplifying the clear leadership and high-performance product capabilities of the Company.”

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