Acal BFi first to sample the world’s smallest embedded device server to customers throughout Europe

Acal BFi  announces the first samples of the world’s smallest embedded device server: the chip-sized xPico module integrates an embedded device server application, a web server and full IP stack, to enable OEMs to add Ethernet connectivity to virtually any device with a serial interface. The module has a footprint of just 24mm x 16.5mm and supports fast integration of compact and robust networking solutions with no software development and minimal engineering effort.

“xPico answers customer demand for an Ethernet-based, embedded networking module which combines high performance with minimum engineering costs, competitive unit pricing and a benchmark form factor,” explains Martin Kemp, European Sales Manager, Acal BFi. “This new module will enable customers to go beyond the size limitations of their existing designs by replacing conventional chip solutions with the xPico module, whilst also eliminating the need for software development which significantly reduces development costs and time-to-market.”

“The launch of four new products in the past four months highlights the new, more customer-driven, aggressive global growth strategy for Lantronix,” says Martin Poppelaars, Vice President of EMEA Sales for Lantronix.  “A key driver in this strategy is aligning ourselves with partners who have the technical expertise, along with established sales and distribution channels throughout Europe.  Acal BFi has proven to be exactly this type of partner, and we look forward to working more closely with them to speed our time-to-market and accelerate our growth in the region.”

Acal BFi’s wireless communications team will provide specialist design support to customers using the xPico and other Lantronix device servers to develop advanced M2M applications.

Development kits and a limited number of initial samples are available now, via Acal BFi. Volume shipments are planned for early in the second half of calendar 2012.

To request samples and for more information, please visit: