New high peak current IGBTs from Advanced Power Electronics Corp. suit strobe applications

High input impedance, low duty cycle

Advanced Power Electronics Corp. (USA), a leading Taiwanese manufacturer of MOS power semiconductors for DC-DC power conversion applications, has announced a new high input impedance, high peak current capability IGBT suitable for strobe applications with a low duty cycle.

AP28G40GEO-HF-3 features a collector/emitter voltage rating, VCE, of 400V, a peak gate emitter voltage rating, VGEP, of ±6V and a pulsed collector current rating of 150A. Maximum power dissipation at 25degC is 1W. Devices are shipped taped and reeled in RoHS-compliant halogen-free industry-standard TSSOP-8 packages.

Comments Ralph Waggitt, President/CEO, Advanced Power Electronics Corp. (USA): “These IGBTs are ideal for creating short, high-current pulses such as the strobe flash application in digital cameras. The use of the TSSOP-8 package also provides some space-saving on the board when compared with the previous generation of parts in SO-8 packages. ”