Pleasing all of the people, all of the time

R&D, design, purchasing, marketing, production and logistics personnel all have a say in specifying enclosure products. Fibox aims to please them all.

Every OEM customer has a different dynamic in the way it evolves a product from concept to a ready for sale item. Fibox has therefore developed its services to ensure it partners with each customer at every stage of the process.

The philosophy centres on the ‘value chain.’ Basically, this means that in every OEM company there is a committee of people with different needs who all have an influence over the final decision of where and when to award a contract. It could be two people, or it could be as many 10 or more, all with a valuable input to the decision process.

In order to progress through the customer’s value chain, a supplier must be able to establish the needs of each link, and more importantly, how those links interact with each other within the decision process. An R&D engineer, for example, has a very different remit to a design engineer, despite the apparent similarity in their roles. Equally, a purchasing professional has different goals and objectives to a production or logistics expert. Then, in the middle of the process is the marketing department. If a product is not aesthetically acceptable, price competitive and commercially viable, it will not sell.

Fibox has a firm foundation from which to build its value chain proposals. It has a range of over 1,500 enclosure products all designed to fulfil applications dictated by industry requirements and a continuous programme of new product development. This is backed by a customising and a bespoke moulding service for those instances where something unique is required. Finally, Fibox has also introduced a programme of on-going training for all employees to ensure it is able to deliver the level of service its customers require.

Every value chain is different and in order to ensure it is prepared, Fibox needs to cater for this.