SUYIN: Customer-specific modifications turn notebook battery connectors into industrial power supply connectors

SUYIN’s incredibly wide range of battery connectors has arisen out of decades of development experience that the company has gained in this area, particularly for applications in the notebook/laptop segment. Here, SUYIN is represented on the market with all kinds of battery connector designs. Now, however, due to their reliability, robustness and consistent mating characteristics, traditional notebook battery connectors are starting to make their way into other applications, too. Some are being used, for instance, as power supply connectors in industrial control technology. To make this happen, developers can either make customer-specific modifications to existing battery connector designs in order to render them suitable for use with higher electrical specifications, or they can tailor existing products that have identical electrical characteristics to adapt their mechanical shape or their dimensions to match the industrial application at hand. These approaches adapt the connectors to match the application rather than working the other way around – design follows function.

Above certain minimum order quantities, SUYIN implements such application-specific adaptations quickly and cost-effectively in close collaboration with its customers. One example of this can be seen in the 4-position customer-specific plug-and-socket battery connectors with a pitch of 3.4 mm for a right-angle connection (see image). The four gold-plated, robust blade contacts offer very good electrical properties, such as a power rating of 24 V/10 A per contact, a contact resistance of 20 m? or an insulation resistance of 1000 M?. These connectors, which are designed for through-hole (THR) mounting and pin-in-paste soldering, are equipped with two side-mounted snap-in posts to achieve particularly sturdy anchoring on the circuit board.

Beginning at annual order quantities of 100,000 pieces or higher, SUYIN offers custom product adaptation services and, of course, helps ramp up the project with pre-series batches.