New surface mount LEDs added to CamdenBoss range

CamdenBoss has added surfacemountLEDs to its indicators range with three sizes available in various colours.

The surfacemountLEDs are housed in packages conforming to EIA standards and are available in 0603/0605, 0805 and 1206 sizes, all compatible with automated placement equipment.

The 0603/0605 LEDs are available in red, amber, yellow, green, blue and white colours along with a dual colour red/green part. 0805 types are available in single colours only covering red, amber, yellow, green, blue and white while 1206 lamps are in red, amber, yellow, green and white with dual red/green also available.

Specifications include 130° viewing angle, maximum forward current (If) of 30mA (20mA for blue lamps), maximum reverse voltage (VR) of 5V and clear lenses on all components.

Supplied on 8mm tape on 7 inch reel, the LEDs are IR and vapour phase reflow solder compatible.

The CamdenBoss range of surfacemountLEDscomplements the company’s extensive LED and indicator range. The indicator range includes LED, filament and neon options, varied colour options – red, green, amber, blue, opal and clear depending on model – various lens options to special order, different wire lengths and custom specifications.

Suitable for many panel mounting applications, the 514 23-LED series features a press-fit body for various panel thicknesses, LED pin termination with anode pin cut short, polycarbonate body/bezel and lens and maximum working temperature of 105°C. Standard lens colours are red, amber, green and blue.

580 series indicators feature an open-ended body with 90° snap-on lens, stripped 6mm wire terminations 200mm long PVC, neons 240V AC 0.8mA standard, 125V AC 1mA to order, polysulphone body and lens, red, green, amber and clear colour options as standard and maximum working temperature of 105°C.

As well as supplying LEDs and indicators as components, CamdenBoss can also build any of these products into the company’s extensive range of standard and custom enclosures.