Z-Wave Alliance spokesperson to give lecture at LED Summit 2012 lighting conference

“Communicating by Z-Wave“: Presentation of innovative LED lighting solutions in smart homes.

The Z-Wave Alliance ( will be presenting its developments in the area of intelligent lighting with LED technology at the LED Summit 2012. The provider of home automation solutions will be represented at the one-day lighting conference in the Dutch city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch by its spokesperson, Prof. Christian Pätz. His lecture on 13 June 2012 at 4.30pm will focus on the opportunities for innovation the lighting market offered by LED systems. The presentation will include information on the advanced control Z-Wave provides for LED and colour lighting.

The high-tech LED Summit conference will be taking place for the first time this year. It forms part of the renowned Bits&Chips Hardware Conference, an event for intelligent and innovative lighting. The conference provides a platform for international speakers to provide insight into the lighting technology of the present and the future. The talk by the Z-Wave Alliance spokesperson, Prof. Christian Pätz, will provide information about changes in the lighting market resulting from multicoloured LEDs and the opportunities these offer for manufacturers. He will primarily be discussing the wide scope for innovation in the industry. Pätz will also be explaining to what extent LED displays and lighting will challenge system developers and what future communication between LED systems may be like.

Adapt the colour of lighting at the touch of a button

As part of his talk, Pätz will also be presenting the latest LED control developments from the Z-Wave Alliance. In addition to such functionality with dimmers, smart home occupiers can now also control coloured LEDs wirelessly. Advanced Z-Wave commands provide interoperable control of Colour LED lighting making it possible to mix and match luminaires and controllers from different manufacturers. Home and small building owners can now colour-coordinate all of the LED luminars from one simple wireless controller or from their computer, tablet or smart phone. One solution presented will be the LeDenQ multi-coloured LED bulb with on-board Z-Wave Control, from Z-Wave Alliance member Fujikom. This solution won the prestigious “Best Display of CES” award at the world’s leading trade fair for consumer electronics, CES, in Las Vegas in January of this year. The display included a  stunning demonstration of the LeDenQ Z-Wave enabled LED bulb and its control from tablet and smart phone interfaces. The demonstration included synchronous control of dimming and colour blending to music further proving the speed and capability of the Z-Wave LED control technology.

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