Wide input 2W DC/DC converters offer 3000V input-output isolation and regulated output voltage

Supplied in the popular miniature single-in-line package with dimensions of just 19.5mm x 7.1mm x 10mm, the 14DZ-2W series DC/DC converters from YDS, now available from MSC Gleichmann UK, offer a 2:1 input voltage range.

The new converters feature efficiency up to 80%, an unusually high figure in that at low power levels the power required for regulation increases in relation to the output power. Standard models in the 14DZ-2W series are specified with input voltage ranges of 4.5V to 9V, 9V to 18V and 18V to 36V, and deliver an output voltage of 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V or 24V with a tolerance of ±5% and a line regulation of ±0.5%. Output regulation is ±1.5%. In addition the 14DZ-2W series offers an input-to-output isolation rating of 3000VDC and a maximum ripple and noise of 100mV peak-to-peak.

The 14DZ-2W series is designed for an operating temperature of up to 100°C. From -40°C to +85°C the converters deliver the full output power of 2W.

Additional specifications include continuous short circuit protection and an MTBF rating (MIL-HDBK.217F) of 1.5 million hours minimum, making the 14DZ-2W series converters perfect solutions for local generation of sensor excitation voltage, supply voltage for analogue front ends in digital systems, interface circuits and many other applications in systems with widely varying supply voltages.