TTI receives Chairman’s Award for Sales Excellence from Ohmite

For the sixth consecutive year, TTI North America has been awarded Ohmite’s Chairman’s Award in recognition of sales excellence. The award was presented at the 2012 Electronic Distribution Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

According to Gregory Pace, Ohmite Manufacturing President, TTI is one of only four distributors to ever have won this award more than three times. The award is based on sales growth, executive collaboration and mindshare among field operations.

Pace said, “Each year since partnering with Ohmite in 2006, TTI has demonstrated the company’s ability to create new opportunities with Ohmite’s sales team.” TTI earned this distinguished award for its commitment to demand creation and logistic fulfillment, producing sales growth and market share gains. TTI is a real partner of ours in the distribution channel; we place a significant emphasis on working relationships from the executive level to the field sales team.”

“We are pleased to be recognized by Ohmite for our achievements,” said Jeff Ray, TTI Vice President Supplier Marketing. “Having won this recognition for six consecutive years is quite an honor. We look forward to continued growth and success with the Ohmite team for many years to come.”