Optimised for integral image processing sensors

With the FLEXPOINT® MVpico series LASER COMPONENTS presents the smallest line laser used in machine vision applications.

Due to its small small size, measuring 53mm long x Ø10mm, the MVpico lasers are optimised for integration in 3D image processing sensors. The power distribution is homogeneous along the laser line.  The modules are available in four wavelengths: 635nm, 650nm, 660nm, and 785nm, with up to a maximum output power of 100mW.

Operation of FLEXPOINT® modules is very simple;  all that is required is a supply voltage between 4.5 and 30VDC.  An optional control wire can be included so that the power can also be adjusted.  Moreover, the laser modules can be triggered using a second control wire.

The handling of the FLEXPOINT® modules is particularly noteworthy. The line generated is focused without having to remove the line optic.

All FLEXPOINT® laser modules are produced at LASER COMPONENTS in Germany.  Customising laser modules to meet your specifications is part of our daily operations. Thus, the MVpico can be modified to suit your application.  Whether modifications need to be made to the output power, the housing, or other elements, often more is possible than one would think!

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