VCTCXO from Total Frequency Control TS Type Stratum 3 SMD

The TS type stratum 3 compliant controlled temperature compensated TCXO. A high quality SMD TCXOcrystal oscillator manufactured over the frequency range of 5MHz to 26MHz. developed for miniature applications in base stations, and stratum qualified systems. ±4.6ppm total tolerance including 20 years ageing.

Total tolerance includes ageing, load variation and supply voltage variation, calibration tolerance and tolerance over temperature range, shock and vibration. This TCXOcomes in CMOS or clipped sine wave output, supplied on tape and reel; 1000 or 3000 pieces per reel.


  • (3.2 x 2.5)mm,Height 2.0mm,
  • Over 20 years, 3.3Vd.c and 5.0Vd.c. supply voltage
  • stability from ±4.6ppm
  • (5.0 ~ 26.0)MHz
  • Operating temperatures from (-20 +70)°C, (-40 +85)°C
  • Storage temperature (-55 +125)°C