Colonial Circuits Mark Osborn launches “Made in America” Initiative

Colonial Circuit’s President and founder Mark Osborn has launched a new initiative focused on buying American made products whenever possible. The longtime industry veteran hopes that this movement will lead other PCB fabricators, vendors and customers to do the same.

In launching this initiative Osborn commented. “I think that it’s time that those of us who own companies in this industry start focusing on supporting one another. I know that at Colonial we have always been focused on buying American made equipment whenever possible because we feel that it is the right thing to do. Because my company is focused on building circuit boards for the defense and aerospace industry I feel a particular responsibility to make sure that those PCB’s are manufactured using American made equipment and products.

Look, I’m realistic enough to understand that we can no longer buy everything from American companies because some of the things we need are no longer available in this country; but I also know that this is part of the problem. If we don’t seriously support our fellow American companies we are just not going to have a local support network left here to help us build our products.

So I am urging all of my fellow American printed circuit board companies, equipment companies, our vendors, our customers both OEMs and especially CEMs to make a concerted effort to buy American whenever possible.

This launch is only our first step; we now plan to approach a number of American companies, recruiting them to take the pledge if you will to buy American whenever they can. We owe it to ourselves as American manufacturers and American business owners and most importantly as American citizens to do everything we can do to support one another.”

Mark also urges anyone interested in learning more about the Made in America initiative to contact him directly at