Maximum protection, minimum down time with IntelliPack

Pregis is introducing its innovative IntelliPack foam-in-place packaging technology into the European market.

Already proven with over 1000 trusted installations, IntelliPack offers a flexible, cost-effective and material-efficient protective cushioning system that can be tailored to the needs of any application.  It is ideal for the packaging of unusually shaped items or limited runs of products including electronic devices and components, gears, valves, machine parts, automotive parts, aerospace and marine products, electrical appliances, signs and tools.

IntelliPack uses liquid polyurethane that is moulded on demand or into a pre-fabricated moulding system. The rising liquid expands around the product to create a customised protective shell.  This ability of foam-in-place polyurethane to fill in voids greatly enhances the safety of the packaged product, particularly irregularly shaped objects which have traditionally been difficult to pack using preformed materials.  Foam-in-place polyurethane is also effective for pack-and-ship businesses and Internet-based wholesalers as it is well suited to packaging a large number of differently configured products which cannot be securely and efficiently packed using conventional packaging materials.

A further advantage of the IntelliPack system is that the liquid expands to more than 200 times its original state, while the film used to create the bag into which the mixture is poured arrives flat, thus providing maximum space efficiencies in the warehouse or packing operation.

A range of machines is available depending on the exact protection required, which can incorporate Bar Code and ‘Telemetry’ smart features.   An optimal protective format is devised for each individual item and programmed into the machine.  A bar code is then assigned to the product so that during the packing process, the machine identifies it and ensures that it receives exactly the right amount of protective material.  This eliminates over-packaging and unnecessary waste, and also enables operations with diverse product lines to deliver consistent protection.

The unique Telemetry self-monitoring system helps to optimise equipment performance for consistent, reliable operation with no unexpected downtime. The system automatically monitors and measures critical information such as liquid foam and film usage, temperature, pressure and other operating parameters, and performs a daily diagnostic test.  If a problem is detected, a service engineer is automatically alerted, while consumables are re-ordered when required.

All machines are ergonomically-designed for operator comfort with a user-friendly, intuitive control panel.

Pregis also offers the IntelliPack Advantage Programme, whereby equipment is supplied with no upfront investment, along with installation, training and ongoing support, and automatic technical and software updates.  Parts and equipment have a lifetime warranty and a consultation service is available to make adjustments to the system in order to maintain its effectiveness if there is a change in packaging requirements.

“IntelliPack offers a completely flexible and efficient protective packaging solution, which reassures users that their products are optimally packaged and protected throughout the entire distribution cycle,” comments Tom Wetsch, VP Global Product Development, Pregis Protective Packaging.

“Its reliability and user-friendly features provide further peace of mind for packing and distribution operations.”

IntelliPack was established in the USA in 2003 and acquired by Pregis in 2010.