GlacialLight GL-PIR10C – Motion sensing automatic light switch

Save power and turn ordinary lights into effective security devices –

GlacialLight, a division of experienced global technology leader, GlacialTech Inc., has added the GL-PIR10C, a versatile infrared motion sensing switch, to its popular range of lighting products.

This passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor can be connected to a wide range of light sources to enhance ease-of-use, cut power consumption, and improve security. User adjustable settings include light and motion sensitivity. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use in almost all lighting conditions, with an adjustable range of up to 12 meters.

This infrared motion sensors can switch the lights on automatically when people enter an area, keep them on as long as required, and switch them off again when people leave. This saves power costs, can lengthen light lifetime, and reduces light pollution by preventing unnecessary use of lighting and power. Automatic lighting control saves time for staff, who no longer have to switch lights on and off by hand – an ideal solution for situations where operating a light switch by hand could be difficult or even dangerous.

The instant bright illumination of an area when motion is detected can also enhance security and help prevent crime. The light will remain on as long as motion continues to be detected, and will then turn off after an operator-set interval.

Users can easily adjust this motion sensor to work in most environments and to perform a variety of useful functions. The GL-PIR10C can be adjusted to detect motion over a very wide range of ambient light levels, from 3 lux to 2000 lux, making it ideal for both day and night use. A sensitivity control can be used to increase or decrease the range and motion sensitivity of the GL-PIR10C. At low sensitivity the sensor is suitable for small areas, up to 5 meters, while at high sensitivity it can detect motion up to 12 meters away. The user can also adjust the length of time that the light will remain on when motion is detected, from a minimum of 10sec to a maximum of approximately 7 minutes.

The GL-PIR10C is an ideal choice as a motion sensor to directly control almost all popular 100V to 240V AC light sources. It can handle rated loads of up to 1200W for incandescent lamps and 300W for energy-saving lamps. An adjustable bracket and swivelling pivot allows the sensor to be aimed precisely to provide the area coverage required by the user.

GlacialLight has designed the GL-PIR10C to be eco-friendly and reduce power consumption, with the environment in mind. The sensor’s power consumption is only 0.1W while idle and 0.45W while operating. Operating temperatures are from -20 to 40°C.

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