The search for reliability stops here

Nitronic’s new on-line search function gives instant access to over 65 million line items, backed by independent laboratory testing

A new search function has been added to Nitronics’ website, giving customers the power to access over 65 million line items. At the touch of button, buyers can search Nitronics’ massive database, which includes 15 million unique parts, all available at competitive prices, thanks to Nitronics’ wealth of experience.

The search function is said to be very easy with single or multiple RFQs only a click away. Step one is to enter the component part number to search the company’s online database. Step two is to submit a request for quotation by filling in your contact details. Finally a rapid response service means a member of the Nitronics team will contact you with price and delivery details.

Alongside its new search function, Nitronics has teamed up with a test laboratory in order to offer customers total component inspection. This is because Nitronics understands the need for component testing and the value it adds. Knowing the product is 100 per cent genuine and non-counterfeit is vital.

Nitronics also knows its limitations and sticks with what it does best. With this in mind, the company has teamed up with a test laboratory facility to offer customers total component inspection.

Level one testing comprises an authenticity test, visual inspection, marking permanency test, decapsulation and basic electrical testing.

The next level of testing involves electrical verification, BEST electrical test, key functional testing and memory program testing.

Finally, level three testing provides mechanical verification, automated optical inspection, solderability testing and x-ray inspection.

Without doubt, Nitronics is a forward thinking company that understands its customers needs. Its goals: make it easier to find product and ensure it has been fully tested and works as it should.