Circular connectors designed for harsh environments

The LMG Series of screw coupling circular connectors is announced by Weald Electronics, a leading UK manufacturer of connectors for military and industrial applications. Designed to meet the requirements of BS 9522 F0014, the LMG range is ideally suited for use in any harsh environment where  high resistance to vibration and the ingress of liquids together with a very rugged construction are high priorities.

The connectors come with either an aluminium alloy shell with a fine thread coupling or a brass shell with a coarse thread. Designed for AC or DC and low frequency applications, these multi-contact circular connectors come with polychloroprene inserts and solder contacts. Weald Electronics can supply LMG connectors with 2 to 26 contacts in 19 contact arrangements.

Current capability is up to 60A depending on size and the connectors are available in various finishes including RoHS compliant and can be supplied with 360º EMC screen termination.

The LMG Series is exclusively available through Weald’s sole Worldwide distributor Lane Electronics.