XP Power opens world’s most environmentally advanced manufacturing facility in Vietnam

XP Power have announced the opening of its new manufacturing facility in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The factory, believed to be the world’s most environmentally advanced power supply manufacturing facility, will be the first building in Vietnam to meet the Building Construction Authority’s Green Mark Gold Plus certification a standard applicable to buildings in tropical climates. The facility incorporates the use of sustainable power and energy efficiency; the building’s highly insulated construction includes the use of a solar PV array, eco-friendly glass to prevent solar heat gain, low energy lighting, ultra efficient air conditioning. In addition, rainwater is captured for use in the building and for irrigation systems. All the environmental features are managed by a fully integrated building management system.

Commenting on the opening of the facility, Larry Tracey, Chairman, XP Power said, “The opening of this new factory embodies our commitment to lead our industry regarding environmental performance. Sustainability and sound environmental stewardship are increasingly important to our customers, employees, suppliers and the communities in which we operate.”

XP Power’s commitment to the environment is also demonstrated across the full range of their products. Comprising highly efficient power supplies rated up to 95% energy efficiency and having a low standby power to reduce energy loss when the customer system is idle.

XP Power is the only power supply power supply manufacturer that is a member of the Electronic Industry Citizen Coalition (EICC), an organisation whose Code of Conduct upholds the highest standards for not only environmental and sustainability issues but also treatment of labour, health and safety and business ethics.