EMSc (UK) Ltd welcomes trademark ruling

EMSc (UK) Ltd, manufacturer of the Star® range of energy saving solutions, is pleased to announce it has succeeded in invalidating an EU trademark registration for the term ‘VPO – Voltage Power Optimisation’.

In upholding the request for invalidity, the EU trademark registry confirmed that the term ‘VPO – Voltage Power Optimisation’ is devoid of any distinctive character and that it is descriptive of the goods in relation to which registration was sought.

Commenting on the ruling Dr Alex Mardapittas, EMSc (UK) Ltd managing director and inventor of Powerstar, EMSc’s voltage optimisation solution said: “We are very happy with the ruling that the term ‘VPO – voltage power optimisation’ cannot be registered. It is great news for all manufacturers of voltage optimisation products, as it will not only allow them to compete on a level playing field, but more importantly it will allow the market to flourish as the technology of voltage optimisation will become more transparent.”

He added: “Customers will be able to research the market and make an informed decision on which product to choose based on product quality, features, reputation and the supporting service each company provides.”

EMSc (UK) Ltd boasts over 10 years of British design and manufacturing success. At a time when Japanese and Chinese electronic and engineered solutions dominated the market the company maintained its research, development, sourcing and manufacturing in the UK, refusing to compromise on quality. EMSc (UK) Ltd is particularly proud that its success has inspired its competitors to switch aspects of their assembly to the UK, too.

The company is accredited with the Made in Sheffield accolade in acknowledgement of the quality of its manufacturing process, its expansion into international markets, and the overall success of Powerstar, which is exported worldwide to countries including Cyprus, Sri Lanka, the UAE, Bahrain, Malta and South Africa.