Euroquartz launches new Statek Crystal Oscillator for high temperature, high shock applications

Frequency control specialist, Euroquartz has introduced Statek’s latest crystal oscillator that is designed for high temperature, high shock applications.

Offering frequency output from 460kHz to 50MHz, the new Statek HGXOHT is capable of operation up to 225°C and can survive extremely high shocks – up to 100,000g. Suitable applications include downhole instrumentation, rotary shaft sensors, underground boring tools and avionics.

The design comprises a hermetically-sealed high-shock crystal and a CMOS-compatible IC housed in a 5 x 7.5mm surface-mount ceramic package. Additional features include excellent stability over temperature, fast start-up, CMOS and TTL compatible, optional enable/disable and low EMI emission.

Specifications include 3.3 or 5.0V supply voltage, standard calibration tolerance of ±50ppm (or tighter if required), output load (CMOS) of 15pF, start-up time of 5ms maximum, rise/fall time of 10ns maximum, duty cycle of 40% minimum/60% maximum, vibration survival of 20g (10 to 2000Hz swept sine), shock survival up to 100,000g (0.5ms, ½sine) and operating temperature range from -55 to +225°C.

Available in tray pack or on tape and reel, the new Statek HGXOHT high temperature, high shock crystal oscillators feature maximum process temperature of 260°C for 20s.