Fujitsu expands its line of 8-bit microcontrollers to include products with built-in capacitive touch sensor and controller functions

Optimised for touch key and touch panel applications in electronic systems and household appliances

Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe (FSEU) have announced the addition of new products with capacitive touch sensor and controller functionality to its “New 8FX” family of high-performance 8-bit microcontrollers. The new products from the MB95870, MB95860 and MB95850 series are being offered as low-cost, low-power microcontroller options for controlling the capacitive touch keys and touch panels used in a wide range of products sold worldwide, from household appliances to office equipment and electronic systems.

To date, capacitive touch sensor technology has typically been used in applications such as cash points and train station TVMs (Ticket Vending Machines) or in office equipment such as copiers and printers. In recent years, however, capacitive touch sensor technology has experienced rapid growth, driven by the spread of touch key and touch panel applications in household appliances – such as in refrigerators and washing machines, for example. When compared to mechanical switches or resistive film touch key technology, capacitive touch key technology is not only easier for users to operate but is also more resistant to dust, moisture and wear. This array of features has made the capacitive method the preferred choice in touch key technology. As the marketplace for touch key and touch panel interfaces expands, the demand for capacitive touch sensors and controllers to drive this technology is also increasing. In addition, there is a strong demand for the microcontrollers for such systems to be equipped with touch sensor and controller functionality.

The MB95870, MB95860 and MB95850 series are tailored to meet these demands. These series offer power-efficient microcontrollers with 36KB of built-in flash memory in a range of packages. Complementing the highly sensitive and highly reliable capacitive touch sensor and controller functionality (based on specific, hardware-implemented IP), these microcontrollers include various timer and communication functions that are useful both for general-purpose applications and for peripheral circuits – such as A/D converters and analogue comparators.

Samples of 24 new products in the MB95650 Series will also begin shipping in parallel with the above series. With 1KB of flash memory capacity in a 24-pin package, MB95650 Series products are also equipped with peripheral circuits, such as 12-bit high-precision A/D converters, I2C-bus interfaces, and LIN-UART. These products can also handle a wide range of operating voltages and are able to run on power supply voltages ranging from 1.8 to 5.5 volts.

Product Overview

Highly sensitive and highly reliable capacitive touch technology (MB95870, MB95860, MB95850 series)

These three series employ Adjacent Pattern Interference Suppression (APIS(tm)) and Automatic Impedance Calibration (AIC(tm)) features. By utilising a dedicated hardware IP for capacitive touch functionality, the burden on software is reduced while also enabling use in a variety of different environments. In each series, the number of channels for touch sensors ranges from 5 to 12, offering a wealth of options to match a range of operational scenarios.

Embedding analogue functions reduces external component count

Since an internal CR oscillating circuit (running the operating clock), low-voltage detection circuit (detects voltage drops) and analogue comparator (with reference voltage) are built into the microcontrollers, this eliminates the need for an external oscillator, reset IC and operational amplifier, thus contributing to a reduction in external components. The CR oscillator has a precision level of ±2%.

High-performance flash memory with industry-leading write/erase performance

The microcontrollers are fitted with industry-leading high-performance flash memory capable of 100,000 write/erase cycles. In addition, a flash security function protects the customer’s software from access by unauthorised external programs.


Sample quantities of MB95870 Series products will start shipping immediately.