Rittal appoints System Integrators

Rittal is continuing to expand its business in the supply of metalwork and busbar systems for the MCC and switchgear markets. This growth is achieved by working closely with newly appointed system integrators who are located throughout the UK. In the case where Rittal’s customers prefer assembled switchgear and not loose componentsRittalwill use their integrators to build switchgear systems for customers to continue the assembly process.

Especially selected for their expertise and technical knowledge, all Rittal partners are experienced in designing and building switchgear and motor control centres for all market segments, such as automotive, commercial and industrial.

Each partner has gone through advanced product training on how to design and buildRittalRi4Power atRittals Rotherham Head Office. With the ongoing training and product development they makeRittal’s Ri4Power switchgear systems a confident choice for power distribution and motor control centres for the commercial and industrial sectors.

Rittal’s latest Power Engineering planning software v6.0 provides comprehensive support in planning and verifying standardised Ri4Power switchgear. The software saves time with the initial design layouts and pricing for both MCC’s and power distribution, thus reducing engineering costs, whilst ensuring the Ri4Power system complies with the latest IEC 61439-2 standards.

Main features of the new standard include extensive verification of the design of switchgear created by original switchgear manufacturer, as well as exact details of the rated currents of switching devices.