Updated intelligent and standard 19 inch 1U slimline fan trays

Verotec has introduced new versions of its intelligent and standard fan trays that offer increased airflow and lower noise from the same fans. The intelligent versions now have a higher maximum operating temperature of 70°C, achieved through uprated PSUs and software enhancements. Designed to provide localised cooling of 19″ rack mounted or desktop equipment, all versions are 1U high in two depths: 250mm fitted with three fans and 350mm deep with six fans. The increased airflow and lower noise are the result of a new computer-optimised aperture pattern that provides an increased 75% open area in the protective guard above each fan. Mechanical protection is maintained and the new aperture design reduces noise as the air passes through it.

The 48V 170 m3/h DC fan intelligent units are available with autoranging AC and single or dual -48V DC power inputs. They operate at half speed up to 35°C, linearly increasing to maximum at 55°C, ensuring that sound levels and energy consumption are optimised. If the temperature exceeds 71°C, the fans all increase to full speed and an overheat alarm is generated. Warnings are also generated on thermal sensor failure to either open or short circuit and power fail. If one fan in a bank of three fails, the remaining two fans increase to full speed and again an alarm is generated.

The standard units are fitted with fans operating from 12, 24 or 48 VDC or 115 or 230 VAC, and each unit is available with or without a replaceable filter, which is contained within the overall 1U height. Each 115 VAC fan is rated at 180 m3/h and the 230VAC fan at 160 m3/h. The fans run at a constant speed to give maximum cooling at all times. Monitored trays, in which all the fans constantly run at full speed and an alarm is generated on fan or power fail, are also available. Alarm conditions are indicated by local audible and visual warnings and remotely by volt-free changeover contacts.