Acal BFi samples new GSM/GPRS/GPS quad-band mobile platform

Acal BFi – a division of Acal plc – is sampling a new Novatel Wireless GSM/GPRS/GPS quad-band mobile platform which allows users to reduce up-front costs in temporary or permanent insurance telematic and fleet management applications.

Available in GSM/GPRS, 1xRTT or HSDPA versions, the MT 3050 is a flexible and customisable platform which combines an industry-leading small form factor and plug-and-play functionality, with a disconnect alert using an in-device backup battery. The MT 3050 can be plugged directly into a vehicle’s OBDII port to reduce up-front costs and allow telematics to be fitted to vehicles whilst they remain in service. Used in conjunction with the N4A™ communications and management service delivery platform, the MT 3050 can be provisioned, monitored and reconfigured remotely from virtually anywhere in the world.

“This new unit allows users to reduce the up-front cost of adding telematics features such as driver behavior reporting, speed violation alerts, distance and duration travelled, and time of day reporting. This supports large-scale deployment of Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) programmes and allows fleet managers to increase safety and productivity,” explains Martin Kemp, European Sales & Marketing Manager, Acal BFi.

Samples of the new MT 3050 will be available from Acal BFi in July 2012.

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