GDL1000 Transceiver

Firecomms’ GDL1000 transceiver, supplied by LASER COMPONENTS as the UK authorized Distributor, provides full Gigabit Ethernet performance over 30m GI and 5m SI POF.  The result of extensive research and development into new materials, driver ICs, and receiver circuit architectures, Firecomms’ Gigabit transceivers feature a customised driver IC in the transmitter developed internally by Firecomms’ new mixed signal IC design team, a new high speed Resonant Cavity LED PCLED), and new receiver IC architecture to efficiently detect and convert the optical signals.

The gigabit transceivers are fitted with OptoLock® plugless fibre optic transceivers, which provide instant termination of bare Plastic Optical Fibre (POF) to significantly quicken and simplify the connection of devices in communications and infotainment.

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