GFCI ground fault circuit breaker sealing boot adds essential environmental protection and reliability

APM HEXSEAL announces the addition of a new GFCI circuit breaker sealing boot. This new boot matches the operational configuration of Carling Technology PB Series Ground Fault Circuit Breaker. It detects lower level ground faults that do not trip ordinary circuit breakers, thus preventing fires. Safety applications include military, marina and entire boat  AC  electrical system protection.  Portable and large facility backup generators are included per American Boat  & Yacht Council regulation which require boat builders to install GFCI’s on 120 Volt outlets found in the head, galley, machinery space and weather decks on new vessels. ABYC also recommends that older vessels be retrofitted with GFCI’s.

APM HEXSEAL’s 1113/25 clear silicone boot seals and interfaces with the device’s rocker and pushbutton switches. It is environmentally ingress rated at IP66/68, with a life expectancy of 10,000  actuations minimum.  The 1113/25 is front-panel-mounted with a zinc chromate steel mounting plate  (also available with an aluminum or stainless steel frame) and  secured with four  stainless-steel self-sealing fasteners (APM SEELSKREW®s) rated at 20,000psi internal/external. The APM HEXSEAL circuit breaker boot is fabricated in APMs rugged yet responsive RUBRGLAS® silicone, providing  maximum reliable sealing protection against harsh  environmental elements, such as: water, moisture, dust, dirt, salt air, fungus, lubricants, cleaning chemicals, ozone and UV  degradation of the silicone. They are a UL Recognized Component, RoHS Compliant and meet MIL-DTL-5423 Specifications. Delivery 2 weeks.

APM HEXSEAL patented the original circuit breaker seal and associated electromechanical switch sealing boots over 60 years ago. They are used extensively by the military, marine, industrial, construction and commercial industries around the world.

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