Brady introduces new flame retardant wire wraps for aerospace and defence industries

New wire markers tested and approved for industry specifications, also available in label format

Brady has introduced a new line of Flame Retardant Wire Wraps for identifying wires and cables in the aerospace and defence industries. This new material, which is made from polyimide, is self-extinguishing and can prevent flames from propagating.

“After extensive development and testing, we are excited to offer a reliable, high performance wire identification solution for our aerospace and defence customers,” said Tim Van Den Eede, Brady Regional Product Marketing Manager for Materials. “Brady’s Flame Retardant Wire Wraps meet, and even exceed, the industry’s standards and specifications, and are available immediately for all of our customer sectors.”

Brady’s Flame Retardant Wire Wraps are tested for the following industry specifications and standards:

  • ASTM D1000 (Pressure-sensitive adhesive-coated tapes for electrical and electronic applications)
  • Federal Motor Vehicle: FMV 302 (Flammability of interior materials)
  • ASTM E162 (Smoke and flame)
  • ASTM E662 (Surface flammability of materials)
  • SAE-AS-81531 (Marking of electrical insulating materials)
  • MIL-STD-202G, Method 215K (Resistance to solvents)

In addition to meeting industry specifications, the wire wraps also offer a number of other benefits for wire identification in extreme environments. Its film can withstand attacks from chemicals such as solvents, oils, detergents and lubricating fuels. The wraps are also high temperature rated up to 135ºC. Moreover, B-472 offers maximum strength and flexibility for all wire wrap applications, with the 1 mil film together with a custom-developed adhesive allowing immediate repositioning on wires.

Available in white or yellow in a variety of different stock sizes, Brady’s Flame Retardant Wire Wraps are an ideal solution for wire and cable marking. They are also available in label format for component identification.

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