Affordable Densitron TFT Displays Have High Clarity & Brightness

The latest Densitron High Brightness TFT range covers display sizes of 4.3” (DET043QQNTNT0-1A), 5.7” (DET057VGHLNT0-1A), 7” (DET070WVHTNT0-1A) and 10.1” (DET101WSNLNT0-1A). Further screen sizes will follow shortly and all modules in the range also come in standard brightness options.

With exceptional brightness of up to 1000cd, these affordable TFT displays can be used in high ambient light conditions without any loss of contrast or viewing angle. The modules’ ability to offer crisp, high contrast image in all lighting conditions make them perfect for many applications, for instance, marine, ticketing machines and automotive-earth moving equipment.

Various options are available on the TFT range, including TTL or LVDS interface, timing control circuitry and DC/DC circuit allowing single voltage supply.

The TFT modules can be enhanced by a range of Resistive and PCT touch screens and Densitron are able to offer a bonding service of the touch sensor to the TFT display in cleanroom conditions.