Gateway’s new range of enclosures offer flexible custom design at no extra cost

Gateway Electronic Components is now offering customers a range of custom designed affordable enclosures which eliminate the need for design and tooling costs. The new 7500 series, manufactured by CamdenBoss, is ideal for a host of applications including industrial, medical, and telecommunications.

Available in six distinct design styles and offered in a range of standard colours, the 7500 series uses CamdenBoss’s flat sheet technology so no tooling is required.  This design flexibility means that customers are not faced with capital outlay for custom designs, even at  low volumes and this custom design service extends to cut-outs, PCB pillars, LCD windows, LED light-pipes, ventilation and rubber feet. Customers can also specify the exact dimensions they require with no additional charges.

The 7500 Series covers five product ranges.  The first is the 7510 series which features a simple two U-shaped snap together construction, with five standard sizes offered from 81 x 71 x 21mm up to 256 x 126 x 56mm (external).

7520 series enclosures also feature two U-shaped snap together halves with one part enabling wall-mounting via flanged sides. Five standard sizes range from 94 x 46 x 21mm up to 244 x 156 x 71mm.

The 7530 series features base and lid construction with four countersink screws used to fasten the lid to base. Five sizes are available from 66 x 66 x 66mm up to 221 x 146 x 46mm. 7540 series surface mount boxes also feature base and lid construction but have a flanged base to enable fixing to any suitable surface. Five sizes encompass 86 x 60 x 21mm up to 210 x 169 x 56mm.

The 7550 series end-panel enclosures offer a four-part snap together construction available in five sizes from 100 x 64 x 21mm up to 252 x 86 x 86mm.

Finally, the 7560 series flanged base enclosures feature snap-together construction with a four-part end panel design. Five standard sizes encompass 156 x 78 x 24mm up to 142 x 236 x 31mm.

Manufactured from 3mm HIPS, the 7500 Series options include UL-94VO self-extinguishing plastic, ABS or polycarbonate materials, CNC milling (holes, cut-outs, vents, pockets, pillars and windows), and screen printing/membranes/overlays.

Standard colour of the series is black with textured white, silver, granito, light grey and anthracite available, alongside red, green, yellow, orange, blue and purple available in gloss finish. Acrylic capped finishes include carbon fibre, white and black high gloss.