New IPC-1758 data exchange standard on pack and packing materials provides consistency, efficiency and integrity to declaration process

IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries® has released IPC-1758, Declaration Requirements for Shipping, Pack and Packing Materials. This standard establishes the requirements for the exchange of information on the materials used to protect products during shipment between supply chain partners. IPC-1758 is one of several in a series of IPC-175x data exchange standards that permit segmentation of declaration details based on the subject and scope of the declaration.

In addition to describing essential information exchange content with respect to packing, IPC-1758 is supplemented with references to regulations impacting materials, marking, recycling information and recycled content that may be desired to complete the data package.

While IPC-1758 contains generic information regarding packing declaration, when it is used in combination with the latest version of the IPC-1751 sectional standard, the resulting document set defines the declaration information.

IPC-1758 pertains to both hard copy and electronic data descriptions. Because this standard allows for the creation of a record between suppliers and their customers, the data that is communicated may be used to help support and demonstrate due diligence.

A free single-user download of IPC-1758 is available at IPC members may purchase a hard-copy of the guideline for $26; the industry price is $52. For more information, visit