We are cleaning at ultrasonic … industrial cleaning tanks now available from Rapid Electronics

Wave goodbye to hand cleaning with this impressive range of stainless steel industrial cleaning tanks, now available from Rapid Electronics, which provide ultrasonic cleaning power for large, small and delicate items.

The price of these tanks bring ultrasonic cleaning within the budgets of small and medium sized businesses. Made from stainless steel, the tanks range in size from 1.3l to 13l, with the transducers generating between 50W and 400W of ultrasonic power. Heaters built in to the larger models enhance the cleaning performance, while the stainless steel basket and rack protects and permanently suspends the items being cleaned. Each unit features a 30 minute timer and LCD display. The unit heats the liquid inside the tank to a maximum of 70°C.

Ultrasonic cleaning is widely used in a range of industries, for items such as jewellery, lenses, components, tools, optical, engine and machine parts which require deep cleaning in order to preserve performance. Using just water or a cleaning solvent, the ultrasonic sound waves agitate the liquid to such a force that contaminants are lifted from the surface of the items within a matter of minutes. Ultrasonic cleaning will attack previously impenetrable agents such as limescale, mould and bacteria from the surfaces of items.

Full product details and technical information for these ultrasonic cleaning tanks are available on the Rapid Electronics website.