Distec broadens prisma-controller family with two new industrial TFT controllers

20th Company Anniversary of Distec Marks Kick-off of Product Initiative for TFT Components and System Solutions

Distec GmbH – leading German specialist for TFT-LCD flat screens and system solutions for industrial and multimedia applications – is announcing the introduction of new TFT components and system solutions just in time for their 20th company anniversary.

The list of new products begins with two competitive and powerful TFT controllers, PrismaMEDIA-eco and PrismaECO-III. Both have been updated with new functions to complement Distec’s proven Prisma controller family. Third generation PrismaECO-III is expanded with PWM (pulse-width modulation) function for controlling LED backlights, while the newly developed PrismaMEDIA-eco provides a DisplayPort interface for Full-HD. The series of industrial converter cards allows the connection of TFT displays to standard graphic and/or video interfaces. In doing so, input signals like analog RGB, analog Video (C-VBS, SHVS, component, CCIR), DVI, HDMI (HDCP), Serial Digital Interface 3G SDI and DisplayPort are converted into a TFT display compliant TTL- or LVDS signal. In addition to signal conversion, Prisma cards take over the optional necessary scaling of input signals to a particular TFT resolution. The core of the cards is the so-called Scaler Chip that provides an OSD (On Screen Menu). With it the user may conduct various personal calibrations such as display brightness and Auto Adjust.

Cost Efficient TFT Controller PrismaECO-III for LED Backlight Controls

Available for more than eight years with an unchanged footprint, PrismaECO is already being marketed in its third generation. The newly re-engineered version PrismaECO-III, in addition to minor product improvements, has been expanded with a PWM function for driving LED backlights. The cost-competitive and space saving assembly is only 126.4 x 100.8 mm and offers RGB and DVI signal inputs. The device qualifies for all modern TFT panels with resolution up to UXGA/SXGA with 18/24 bit single/dual LVDS or TTL interface. For space saving mounting, like on a panel backside, a 4 button OSD is integrated right into the unit. Alternatively, an external 6 button OSD is an option.

Space Saving Powerful Converter Card PrismaMEDIA-eco with Full HD Support

PrismaMEDIA-eco is a complete new design and allows for the increasing demand for DisplayPort interfaces. Equipped with RGB, DisplayPort and HDMI (DVI via HDMI) interfaces, this card is suitable for all panels with18/24 bit single/dual LVDS interface and up to WUXGA resolution. The media character of the TFT controller is emphasized by optional 2 x 5 Watt Class-A audio amplifiers and a Line-out output. Passive loudspeakers can therefore be directly connected to the device. Audio signals are decoded directly from the HDMI or DisplayPort input.

Both TFT controllers are individually adapted to each TFT panel and are available, ready to install with cable assembly and panel. The production is done exclusively in Germany. Customized adaptations to hardware and firmware are possible on a project by project basis.

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