In-line optical power measurement: 100/400G enabling technology

EigenLight’s Series 100 optical tap power monitors are used for measuring optical power in-line of optical fibres.

These devices are GR-468 Telcordia qualified and are used in 40G and 100G optical transport systems around the world.  There are many applications, including test instruments and in speciality lasers.  Within a very small hermetic package, the tap power monitor houses a stable optical tap and PIN photodiode, there are no lenses or evanescent coupling.

The patented process is utilised to scatter light out of the fibre optic core and directly onto the integral detector, these devices maintain fibre continuity and avoid lenses or partial reflectors in the optical path.  This provides the lowest insertion losses and exceptional performance among competing technology, with directionality to >30dB, virtually no back reflection, high directivity, negligible polarisation-dependent loss.

Fibre continuity is very reliable for the most demanding applications, and Eigenlights’s fibre optic tap monitor offers performance advantages, as well as size and cost advantages over conventional discrete coupler and photodiode combinations.

The fibre optic tap monitor is available in virtually all single mode fibres, a wide range of polarisation maintained fibres, as well as speciality fibre types.

These power monitors for single mode fibre, polarisation maintained fibre and speciality fibre can be used in, but not limited to, the following applications:

  • optical terminal equipment
  • coherent systems
  • test instrumentation
  • optical switches
  • fibre sensors
  • optical amplifiers
  • optical power regulators
  • optical transmitters
  • fibre lasers
  • EDFAs
  • CATV
  • FTTH
  • bend sensitive applications
  • modulators
  • raman amplifiers

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