Simplify field assembly

Expanding its I-Net product family, Provertha has developed a new IP67 M12 panel feed-thru with crimp termination for industrial ethernet, designed to provide a fast and reliable field bus connection with freely selectable cable length.

The female version with D-coded four-contact insulator body and turned crimp contacts boasts a fast and fail-safe single wire connection and hassle-free contact assembly. Its compact form factor is useful in restricted assembly conditions and an ergonomic shell ensures a secure grip during fastening or loosing on the panel wall.

A full-metal housing and crimp flange system offer an effective 360deg EMI/RFI shield for trouble-free data transfer with a hexagonal crimp on the outer shell for vibration and torsion-resistant strain relief in rough industrial environments. The waterproof housing also offers IP67 protection plus  protection against damage in rough environments.