Reverse mount micro USB connectors – That upside down feeling!

Leading connector manufacturer Global Connector Technology offers a Micro USB2.0 connector for top mount PCB applications.

GCT’s Reverse B type allows horizontal Micro USB connectors to be mounted on the top side of PCB, standard Micro USB connectors are mounted on the underside of the PCB.

The top mount connectors accept µUSB cable plugs in correct orientation with USB symbol facing upwards, to take advantage of this design option customers must allow PCB cut outs to cater for space taken by cable mounted plug locking points which are mounted on the bottom of cable plugs.

GCT offer two options USB3100 in pure SMT and USB3135 with through hole shell stakes for extra strength.

Top PCB mount micro USB connectors are available in stock for rapid same day sampling.  To speed up your design download 2D drawings, specifications and 3D models from our website.

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