VCC introduces rear mounted, panel-flush light pipes for indication and illumination applications

VCC, a pioneer in the development and delivery of today’s most high performance and innovative LED indication solutions, has developed a new series of low profile, panel-flush light pipes that are designed to blend in with the panel until they are illuminated and facilitate easy panel removal. Designated the LPCM Series, the light pipes are made of clear, optical grade acrylic for maximum light transmission, and will mate to any PCB using SMD 4.

“Light pipes provide engineers with increased design flexibility by transferring light from interior, surface-mounted LEDs to a device’s exterior, which both reduces the amount of wiring at the panel and facilitates its removal,” said Mark Baker, Director of Business Development of VCC.

VCC’s new RoHS-compliant light pipes are available in 10 standard lengths spanning 0.3 inches to 1.2 inches; custom lengths are available upon request. Ideal applications for the series include: security cameras, entertainment systems, telephone systems, panel and cabinet illumination, and medical devices.

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