What are the benefits to your company of UK contract design and manufacturing

UK contract design and manufacture is enjoying something of a renaissance and when you look at the reasons it not hard to understand why. Some of the obvious benefits of using an onshore design support company are that not only will your company gain from the expert industry wide knowledge of the contract company, but also their proper understanding of the legislation and regulatory affairs that surround your product is very important for CE marking. The UK contact company will also be there for support with the compliance testing.

There are however a number of significant other benefits that should not be overlooked.

There is a great opportunity to create a strong long-term relationship that is built on face-to-face meetings. This type of close working relationship results in flexibility from an understanding of your company. So that when you win that big order that suddenly puts tight time constraints on you and stretches your cash-flow, you will have partner on board who can make sure you can deliver.

There are also the capital and labour cost savings from not having to purchase plant or employ additional highly skilled staff, as well as the cost control benefit you will gains from the contractors bulk purchasing ability. The contractor will also be able to hold the inventory to ensure a rapid response to your call offs.

A good design and manufacturing contractor company will have an expert knowledge of their part of your business, leaving you free to concentrate your expertise on growing the whole business.

A strong face-to-face relationship with your UK based design and manufacture contractor will mean savings in time and cost when it comes to turning your requirements into a design. Ease of communication makes design iterations quick and with minimal fuss.

Peace of mind comes from knowing that you will enjoy the quality assurances that come with UK design and manufacture.

Batchbuild provides specialist manufacturing solutions for technology products in highly regulated sectors.
From concept to fully assembled and tested products ready for shipment to your clients, you will benefit, irrespective of job size, from our consolidated purchasing power and excellent service from skilled operators and engineers.

By Rodney Paul Lane C.Eng. MIET