You can’t touch this … you don’t need to

Touchless sensor modules add multifunctional capabilities to LED lighting – allowing users to switch and dim lighting in response to hand gestures and proximity, without the need for physical contact. Just such a touchless modular system from German green technology specialist Fara is now available from Rapid Electronics.

The 1 channel and 2 channel sensors operate by using IR technology up to a distance of 15cm. Passing a hand in front of the module switches lighting on and off; gesturing upwards with the hand performs the dimming function. On the 2 channel sensors, which provide 2PWM, the proximity function allows for differing colours to be mixed and reset according to hand gesture. Colour temperatures can be mixed and bespoke shades created.

When used in conjunction with LED lighting, the Fara touchless modules are ideal for health and medical environments, where a sterile atmosphere is a key requirement. They can also operate in bright sunlight and behind glass. No switches are required, and the modular nature of the technology means that all components can be used independently of each other.

Various options are available to tailor the system to specific requirements so that a configuration is possible for a wide range of applications, such as general lighting, light mixing modules, motor controls (e.g. exhaust hoods) and for usage in contaminated environments, such as the food industry, sanitary fittings or hospitals, waterproof switches, control of multi-channel systems via PWM or static outputs.

The 2xPWM module is supported by a programming adaptor that enables the utilisation of seven different firmware functions such as dimming and colour mixing. A step down LED driver is available to drive a choice of LED modules with either white or white and amber LEDs. IR transparent covers are available for the sensor modules.

Full product details, technical information and datasheets are available on the Rapid website.