Internal Framework for flexibility outdoors

Rittal has a range of outdoor enclosures designed around a central stainless steel frame clad with inner and outer panels, manufactured from aluminium, for optimum stability.

Rittal’s standard TS 8 punched section profile also ensures optimal mounting for any internal fitments from the standard range ofRittalaccessories, along with the option of enclosure baying and expansion prior to or after, on-site installation.

With the internal frame providing the structural strength of the enclosure, the innovative design allows the flexibility of doors fitted to any side of the enclosure, along with the removal of the panels for replacement, without affecting the installed equipment and providing 180º access when and if required.

Examples of easily added parts include mounting plates for heavy equipment, contactors etc., DIN Rails for component  and interconnection mounting, thermostats and cabinet heaters for climate control, and 19 inch profiles for standard electronic equipment.

Shelving can be fastened directly to the frame, as can telescopic slides and static slide rails, to allow access to the rear of installed equipment and ease installation. With hundreds of different sizes and shapes of “Maccano” like sections to choose from, the customer is spoilt for choice with this time and effort saving system.