TTI, agrees Europe-wide deal with Murata Power Systems

Attacks significant new market; builds expertise in power with Campbell Collins acquisition

TTI, Inc., the global distributor of Passive, Interconnect, Relay & Switch and Discrete components, have extended their existing Murata franchise to include Murata Power Systems (MPS), the world’s number one supplier of PCB-mount power products. The deal furthers TTI’s relationship with Murata which has been a worldwide success on passive components for many years.

The move expands TTI’s portfolio of power products, and follows the recent acquisition of specialist power distributor, Campbell Collins – a move which strengthens TTI’s power expertise.

Comments Felix Corbett, TTI Supplier Marketing Director Europe: “We are delighted to add Murata’s range of power products to our existing line up of passive and discrete power components. Murata Power Systems is a huge name, especially in DC/DC converters and POL products, and we look forward to taking their latest technologies and products to our customers. The addition of Campbell Collins will further strengthen our technical capability in this area.”

Comments Gary Atkins, Director European Distribution:  Murata is pleased to extend our full Power Products line up to TTI Europe. As Murata’s largest distributor we know TTI will be totally committed to promoting our full range of products with excellent technical support. The product line up will range from Inductors, POL, DC/DC & AC/DC converters and other specialist power products. Also, TTI will now be able to offer their customers additional value added support from their newly acquired resources, and to work with our mutual customers on all power related solutions.